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Watch: Fabinho spotted doing something 'disgusting' in Liverpool's 2-0 win against Chelsea

Liverpool's summer signing has been accused of doing something disgusting to Eden Hazard whilst the Belgian was lying on the ground receiving treatment, during Liverpool's two-nil home win against Chelsea on Sunday.

Liverpool maintained their challenge for the Premier League, getting a crucial win against Chelsea, through second-half goals from Sadio Mane and a wondergoal from Mohamed Salah.

The first half was full of action as well, but there was an act spotted that angered plenty of Chelsea fans.

Whilst Hazard was on the ground after a rough challenge on him (not the first during the match), Fabinho was spotted clearing his nose, with the angle presented from the camera showing him stepping forward and doing so right beside the Belgian.

Many claimed that it was a truly unsporting act by the Brazilian, whilst others insisted that it was nowhere near the Belgian, with it being just the camera angle playing a trick on the eyes.

With the act being right in front of the referee, it should have been spotted, and with Fabinho playing such a crucial role in their eventual win, several Chelsea fans felt that this act was embarrassing, saying that it deserves a ban.

The win leaves Liverpool on top of the table, two points ahead of Manchester City, yet City have a game in hand over Liverpool, with the title race definitely alive and running.

(Video courtesy of the Premier League)


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