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Tottenham vs Liverpool named as history's 'Worst Champions League Final' ever

Liverpool managed to win their sixth UEFA Champions League title, after they beat Tottenham 2-0, with goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi.

However, after Salah slotted home an early penalty, the game was utterly dreadful to watch. No chances at all, strayed passes, backwards passes, everything that could have made the game hard to watch, was present.

After their early goal, Liverpool chose to sit back and defend their lead, letting Spurs have possession of the ball, yet Tottenham barely did anything with it.

The game seemed to drag on, and plenty of fans took to Twitter to label this the "worst final" that they have ever watched in their lives, whilst others remarked that it was the "worst quality of football" ever seen.

After a few saves from Alisson late on in the second half, Liverpool in the 86th minute capitalised from Spurs' inability to slot the ball into the net, after some ricochets led to the ball falling to Origi's feet, who tucked the ball away, ending Spurs' hopes of winning the Champions League.

To make it even worse, we had to endure watching Jordan Henderson lifting the Champions League trophy. Jordan Henderson.

Was this the worst ever Champions League final in history? According to many, it sure seems like it.

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