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Son Heung-min 'did not know' that he got suspended for the Champions League semi-final

Tottenham managed to get one of their best ever results in the club's history, after going through to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League against Manchester City, through away goals, however, not everyone will feature in the next match.

Son was ecstatic when his side went through, especially after he got two crucial goals in the first half, in what was a remarkable first half of football.

However, in a post-match interview with a German journalist, Son was shocked to find out that he got suspended for the next game in the competition against Ajax.

The South Korean was surprised, and simply replied "I didn't know!" Still, he managed to find the bright side of the situation, joking around and saying that "Of course I was very sad and still sad [because of the suspension], but I'm a very positive guy and I think the players can probably do it better without me."

This will be a huge blow for Tottenham, with Son being an integral part of their team, especially with Harry Kane out injured.

This result meant that Tottenham had reached their first ever European semi-final since 1961/62, and the manager, Mauricio Pochettino praised the team's character after the match, highlighting how "unbelievable" the match was.

Tottenham went through because of a goal that had to be looked at through VAR on several occasions, after Fernando Llorente was thought to have handled the ball into the back of the net, yet after further reviews, this was found to not be true, and the goal then stood.

The game peaked in the final few minutes, when Manchester City thought they had scored and gone through to the semi-finals, after Raheem Sterling scored, yet VAR later found that there was an element of offside in the goal, thus ruling it out completely.

Pochettino also praised the decision made by VAR, even though it caused a flurry of emotions. "In a moment many things happened in your head, the disappointment was massive but they changed the decision. That is why we love football."

Tottenham will now face Ajax in the semi-finals of the Champions League, with the first-leg being on Tuesday 30th April, and the second-leg on Wednesday 8th May, yet they still have a Premier League match against Manchester City coming up next Saturday.


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