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PSG? Man United? Pochettino and Zidane's situations

PSG? Man United? Pochettino and Zidane's situations
Image Credits: Getty Images

According to my latest sources, Mauricio Pochettino wants to join Manchester United, seeing this as an unmissable opportunity.

He is currently not having the best time in Paris after some disappointing results, however things have started to look well recently, but he still wants the Manchester United managerial position.

This is a dream opportunity for him and if a deal can be struck between both clubs, then he would go to Manchester as soon as possible.

On a personal side, Mauricio Pochettino’s family are all situated in the UK, which is also another reason why he’d love to leave Paris and move back to England to be closer with his family. He’s been living in a hotel since he first joined in December 2020, and he has just not felt settled since then.

His relationship with Leonardo (Paris-Saint-Germain's sporting director) has not been great since he joined. The board have also not been satisfied with the progress made since he joined.

Overall, he would love to take the opportunity at Manchester United as things have just not played out well since he joined PSG.

With this in mind, Paris-Saint-Germain are interested in Zinedine Zidane.

If Mauricio Pochettino ends up at Manchester United, the Paris-Saint-Germain board will make a swift move for the former Real Madrid manager, but this deal would be difficult as Zidane is so relaxed at the moment.

As stated several times before, he is in no rush to return to management and would like to relax for the time being.

Paris-Saint-Germain would have to convince Zidane in order to bring him to Paris, otherwise is would be a very difficult deal to complete.

Overall, the Pochettino to Manchester United deal could end up relying on whether Paris-Saint-Germain are able to convince Zinedine Zidane to join the Parisian side, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens...


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