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How Paul Pogba managed to anger the Manchester United fans even more

Manchester United were utterly horrendous against Everton on Sunday, losing 4-0 in the process, yet Paul Pogba, was the one that made fans the most furious after the match.

Whilst Pogba was one of the more "mediocre" performers, with almost everyone else being much worse in terms of performance, he did not have the attitude of a man that was keen on leading the side on for a comeback. The Frenchman did not track back or make any move that showed that he cared about the club.

However, it was what he did after the match that led to an outburst from plenty of United fans.

After the match, it is the players' obligation to go and applaud the fans for their support, no matter the result. This is done especially if the team is playing away.

Most of the players followed that order and went to applaud the fans' vocal efforts, who were giving their constant support, despite the result. Pogba on the other hand, swapped shirts with Everton's Lucas Digne, and went straight down the tunnel.

As one may believe, this did not go down well with the fans at all, with many taking to social media after the match to call him a "mercenary", with one in particular saying "Enough is enough, now this is just disrespect."

Pogba had said that he wanted to inspire the team to win plenty of trophies when he first arrived at the club, yet up to now, he has been fantastic when the team was winning, but when the team is not, his attitude is disgraceful and embarrassing.

His ability is unquestionable, and that is the main reason why after all he is playing at such a big club, and is being linked to clubs like Real Madrid, but his attitude is shameful, especially considering the huge amounts of wages he is earning every week.


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