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Wilfired Zaha's feud with Crystal Palace continues as he is set to fire his agent

Wilfried Zaha's feud with Crystal Palace continues as he is set to fire his agent

Wilfried Zaha's uncertain future at Crystal Palace is set to reach its pinnacle so far, with there being reports that the Ivorian is set to fire his agent after failing to seal a move away from Palace.

Zaha tried his utmost to leave the club and play Champions League football, and apparently he is now willing to axe his agent in order to follow his dream.

The Ivorian is currently contracted with Unique Sports Management (USM), who brokered some of the biggest deals of the summer, such as Aaron Wan-Bissaka's £50 million transfer from Crystal Palace to Manchester United.

According to The Times, Will Salthouse, the company's director, was informed of Zaha's wish to terminate the contract, and the FA have been notified of a "dispute" between Zaha and his representatives.

Zaha's main reasoning was that Salthouse and Crystal Palace's chairman, Steve Parish, have had a long-running relationship between them, reportedly investing in the same businesses together in the past.

Palace constantly rejected offers from Arsenal and Everton throughout the summer, as they demanded £80 million for the Ivorian.

Once the window was over, Parish said "I've watched him every week for ten years so there's even a bit of me that wants to see what he can do at a top club."

He also added that he "wouldn't want to be the person who stopped that. He deserves to get there. I hope it happens and sometimes it mystifies me he's not up there already."

However, Parish added that whilst Palace are "lucky to have him," they would be willing to sell him if "that top club comes along and the money's right".

Zaha spoke of his desire to play in Europe's biggest stage whilst speaking to the Daily Mail back in April, saying "I'm blessed to have come this far in my playing career. But I feel like there is so much more I have to offer. I have to experience the Champions League. I just need the opportunity."


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