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"We were thinking too much about the title" - Favre on Borussia Dortmund's humiliation

Borussia Dortmund looked set to capitalise on Bayern Munich having a very tough season earlier on, but somehow they have managed to lose a significant lead at the top of the table, and after Saturday's humiliating 5-0 loss away to Bayern Munich, Dortmund find themselves a point behind the Bavarians.

Lucien Favre gave a very frustrated interview after the match, saying that Dortmund were too focused on winning the title, and did not take every game as it comes. This was evident, as Bayern Munich scored four first-half goals, as Niko Kovac's men destroyed Dortmund in the 100th league edition of Der Klassiker.

Whilst Favre found the humiliating result "difficult to understand", he also found it "well-deserved". He conceded by saying that Bayern were much better and created plenty of chances to add to the scoring, and added that "after 4-0 it's tough to come back in the second half."

Dortmund had a distinct lead at the top of the table before 2019, but ever since the turn of the year, they have continuously dropped points, with several draws and losses plaguing what was an excellent start to the season.

They have also not been helped by injuries to some crucial players, most notably the captain Marco Reus, who missed practically all of February, and also Achraf Hakimi, who is expected to be out for the rest of the season.

Dortmund now have to give their all in order to maintain a winning run until the end of the season, to try and stop Bayern Munich from dominating the league for another year, with the Bavarians winning the Bundesliga on the last six occasions, with Dortmund themselves being the last team to win it other than them, way back in 2011-12.

Up next for Borussia Dortmund is a home match against Mainz 05, with the latter just coming back from thumping Freiburg 5-0. Bayern Munich on the other hand have a trip to Fortuna Dusseldorf, who are currently firmly sat in mid-table.


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