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Toni Kroos will not sign a new long-term contract as retirement edges nearer

Toni Kroos will not sign a new long-term contract as retirement edges nearer

Toni Kroos has hinted towards not being willing to extend his playing career until his late 30s, and has no intention of signing a new long-term contract with Real Madrid or any other club.

Kroos currently has a contract at Real Madrid that lasts until 2023, and the World Cup winner stated that he will start considering retirement once he reaches the age of 33, the age at the expiration of his contract at the Bernabeu.

With Kroos' extremely successful and trophy-filled career, one would be sure that Kroos still has plenty left in himself to push his career even more forward and extend it beyond 2023, yet the German has other thoughts.

Speaking to Sportschau Club, Kroos said that "I still have a three-and-a-half year contract until the summer 2023. Then I will be 33. That's a good age to start thinking about what I want without having a contract that runs for four years."

With his play style being more reliant on technical ability rather than physicality, this will come as a shock for many football fans.

Ever since completing a huge move to Real Madrid from Bayern Munich in 2014, Kroos has gone on to make 261 appearances for the club, winning the La Liga in 2016/17, two Spanish Super Cups, three UEFA Champions League titles, two UEFA Super Cups, and four FIFA Club World Cups.

Becoming an integral part of the squad, he has been one of the most irreplaceable players in the whole team, with managers finding it hard to develop a player similar to the German.

Kroos was also part of the German unit that went on to dominate the 2014 FIFA World Cup, in which he provided the most assists in the whole competition.

During his career, Kroos also featured 205 times for Bayern Munich and 48 times for Bayer Leverkusen.


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