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Some Newcastle fans claim pundit's comments on Steve Bruce are 'insulting' and 'offensive'

Some Newcastle fans claim pundit's comments on Steve Bruce are 'insulting' and 'offensive'

Plenty of Newcastle United fans have taken to Twitter to react to the comments made by former manager Tim Sherwood on the criticism that Steve Bruce has received for his style of football.

The former Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa manager was speaking on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday ahead of the games on Saturday, saying that Bruce deserves much more credit for the job that he is doing with the Magpies, with his play style being similar to the way Rafa Benitez set up his teams.

Speaking on this, Sherwood said that Bruce "sets his team up in a formation that he doesn't get enough credit for. Rafa Benitez got loads of credit for that. Rafa Benitez set his team up and got a draw nil-nil and nobody threw a punch after the game. It was boring to watch."

He added that Bruce "wants to play that free-flowing football, what everyone wants to see, open up the pitch, go forward, forward runners, get the balls into the box, causing havoc."

"They are a brilliant set of fans, but he is just picking his time and he needs to stay in the league."

Sherwood's comments may have been spot on their realistic objectives, but plenty of Newcastle fans did not agree with this view, branding it "insulting and offensive to listen to", with others saying that Sherwood "hasn't got a clue".

One in particular said that it is "Complete and utter nonsense from another failed manager who seem to love talking about #NUFC".

However, some fans agreed, with one saying "Struggling to see what people disagree with here? He's 100% correct..."

Newcastle's next game is away to in-form Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday, and Bruce will have a point to prove to many Newcastle fans.


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