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Serie A Super League teams to avoid huge punishments

Serie A Super League teams to avoid huge punishments
Image Credits: Salvatore Di Nolfi/AP

Italy's Super League teams are set to avoid significant sanctions for joining the European Super League when it comes to the football side.

However, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter are set to face financial repercussions with rival Italian clubs considering suing them due to damages, particularly Juventus' Andrea Agnelli.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, a member of UEFA's board has suggested suing the Super League clubs, and also excluding Real Madrid and Juventus from the UEFA Champions League for a season due to Florentino Perez and Agnelli's links with the two clubs, yet the idea has failed to gain significant momentum.

UEFA are currently looking to make their competitions more secure, wanting their participant clubs to have to commit to respecting the rules for the coming years and to avoid the possibility of forming private leagues.

Despite this, the process to re-write the current bylaws will not be an easy task to do, but they are also working on changing the Financial Fair Play rule and to also move up the start of the new Champions League format, which is currently scheduled to begin in 2024/25 season.

The president of the Italian Football Association, Gabriele Gravina said: "We can not punish an idea that did not materialize."

"If some projects that clashed with our rules arose in the future, our justice system would take care of the violations."

"This was an alert that must make us reflect on the fact that something is not working."

Concluding, he said "We need remedies and proposals to prevent it from happening in the future, the Super League project should serve as a motivation for those who are in charge."

The other Serie A clubs are still furious with Agnelli, mainly because he was one of the key contributors to the failing project, with Repubblica reporting that the clubs could be taking legal actions against him.

In a statement released by Juventus on Wednesday, the club claimed that they still believe in the project.

They claimed that "Juventus remains convinced of the soundness of the project's sport, commercial and legal premises".

However, the Super League has been suspended for the time being because of the withdrawals of practically every club in the competition.


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