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Ronaldinho set to come out of retirement in shock transfer

According to various reports, Ronaldinho is set to come out of retirement and join BOV Premier League side Birkirkara FC in Malta.

Several reports from Malta have hinted that a possible move by Birkirkara for the Brazilian legend is in play, with the former Barcelona and Milan superstar looking set to come out of retirement, just a year and a half after he announced it.

Birkirkara's Technical Director, Michael Valenzia, confirmed that there were ongoing talks with the Brazilian superstar, in a bid for him to be playing for Birkirkara next season.

Valenzia told the Times of Malta that he "can confirm that there exists the possibility that Birkirkara FC could sign Ronaldinho. There is nothing yet concluded but talks are ongoing and one has to be patient and see how things evolve."

According to Valenzia, this possible deal came about after there were ongoing talks with a foreign sponsor which is interested in bringing the superstar to the Maltese side.

"At the moment we are in talks with foreign investors who are ready to act as sponsors to our club and during negotiations it came out that some of the persons involved have a connection with Ronaldinho’s entourage," said Valenzia.

Valenzia claimed that such a signing would take Birkirkara FC to the next level, and would also attract other players to the club, even if the signing is just a short-term one.

The signing of the 2005 Ballon d'Or winner would definitely elevate Maltese football, bringing it to the spotlight in various news outlets across the world.

This would definitely be the most high-profile signing ever in Maltese football, as whilst there have been some key signings in the past, such as the signing of Fabrizio Miccoli by Birkirkara FC as well, he cannot be compared to the World Cup winner.


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