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Pogba launches fundraiser on his 26th birthday for those in need of water

Paul Pogba is 26-years-old today, and apart from partying and celebrating like lots of other people would do, the French midfielder has launched a fundraiser in aid of people who do not have any clean water, and he is set to double the total raised.

Pogba has set a minimum goal of £26,000, and he has stated that he will double the total at the end of the fundraiser, donating to an organisation called Charity Water, which has been providing clean water since 2006. The organisation has helped fund over 24,537 projects so far, in 24 different countries, mainly in Africa.

Over the last 24 hours, more than £2,500 has already been raised, with over 200 Facebook users donating to the cause.

Pogba went ahead and stated that "Every penny counts! Together we can make a difference", showing how much care he gives to his roots, with his family all being from Guinea, an African country which suffers from lack of clean, drinkable water. Pogba has been a regular donor to such causes, with him also having a fundraising event last year, when he celebrated his 25th birthday.

This is an incredible gesture by the French superstar, as whilst it is his birthday, he has taken the time to remember those that are in need. In order to help the cause and donate, click here.


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