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Neymar rape case closed after lack of evidence was provided

Neymar rape case closed PSG Brazil

The police in charge of investigating the rape allegations against Paris Saint-Germain and Brazilian football star Neymar have said that they have dropped the case entirely.

The attorney general office of Sao Paulo have stated that the case has been suspended due to there being a lack of evidence provided by the accusers, yet the case will still be sent to prosecutors so that a final decision can be made.

The investigation was initially opened by Brazilian model Najila Trindade, who alleged that Neymar had attacked her in a hotel in Paris in May.

Neymar denied these accusations fully, saying that he was being threatened under no evidence.

The case has dominated newspaper headlines in Brazil, and it first rose in popularity in June, when Neymar released a seven-minuted video on Instagram explaining his innocence regarding the matter. He also published Whatsapp messages and images in order to "prove that nothing really happened."

The police also filed a defamation suit against Ms Trindade, who insinuated that the police force was corrupt after the case went against her.

Prosecutors now have 15 days to review the case entirely and make a final decision on the matter.


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