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New Manchester United signing Edinson Cavani's relationship with PSG staff

New Manchester United signing Edinson Cavani's relationship with PSG staff

Edinson Cavani made his Manchester United debut against Chelsea this weekend, coming on in the 58th minute, and was quite impressive despite not having many touches on the ball.

Cavani signed for United on a free transfer, taking up the popular No.7 shirt for the Red Devils, and United have seemingly signed a better professional than they realised.

In Cavani's autobiography, El Matador, written by Romain Molina, an interesting story about the Uruguayan's time at PSG is highlighted.

"One day, he did a photo shoot for Hugo Boss, who is a partner of PSG. At the end of the shoot, Cavani asks for the reference of a costume he likes. The photographer tells him he can take it, a brand manager confirms it. But Cavani refuses, explaining that he earns a lot of money and that he does not need to be given a gift. He just wanted to know the reference to buy the same one. model in a store of the brand. He took two and at Hugo Boss, it was the first time we saw a PSG player do that. It's a little trick. But there is only Cavani who does that."

The book adds that "He used to often go and eat with club employees and not the 'stars'. He used to always talk with the cleaning ladies, with the housekeepers."

More so, Cavani "spent a month in his hometown in Salto while on vacation", with the town being in the middle of winter with temperatures going down as much as "7 degrees" and he even got there "by regional bus, 6 hour drive".

The extract also states that "When you earn €16M per year, it is not common."

Cavani might prove to be a great signing just on the footballing front, but also because he can help the young talents at United mature into fantastic players both on and off the pitch, helping the likes of Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood.


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