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Manchester United's situation after the departure of Solskjær

Manchester United's situation after the departure of Solskjær
Image Credits: Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Manchester United released a statement yesterday stating that Ole Gunnar Solskjær is no longer the manager of the club.

After the disappointing result and performance on Saturday against Watford, the club finally decided that it was time to part ways with the manager.

For the time being, Michael Carrick will be in charge of the first-team squad, and he will most likely be in charge for the match on Tuesday in the UEFA Champions League match against Villarreal, which is a must-win game for the club.

Manchester United will look for an interim manager for the time being and it is a possibility that they could appoint an interim manager for the remainder of the season, and then look for a permanent manager in the summer.

They have made first contacts with Zinedine Zidane, however he has completely rejected the offer and a move to Manchester United completely.

This is down to many reasons such as, his wife not wanting to live in Manchester, having concerns over managing in the Premier League due to not having any experience in the league, and concerns over joining the club midway through the season as well as the language barrier, as he cannot speak very good English.

Other managerial candidates are also very complicated. Luis Enrique on Sunday came out and said to La Sexta, “Is today April Fools' Day?”. He is relaxed with Spain and he has no intention of leaving the job anytime soon.

Erik Ten Hag is also respecting Ajax. He has a strong relationship with the sporting director Marc Overmaars and he does not want to disrespect or break any relationships with members of the club at this current moment. He is also doing a great job this season with the club in both the Eredivisie and the Champions League, which makes this deal even more difficult.

Ten Hag said on Sunday, “You keep asking me this but... It is a weird question. I heard nothing about it (Manchester United rumours) so I can’t think about it.”

Brendan Rodgers is also very focused with Leicester City and came out in a press conference earlier shutting down any rumours of him leaving the job.

Mauricio Pochettino is an interesting option, as he is admired very highly by the Manchester United board, but he is currently employed by Paris Saint-Germain. However the club have been disappointed with the recent performances, but they still are behind the manager for the time being.

As of now, it’s looking like Michael Carrick will be in charge for the next couple of games.


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