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Manchester City threatened with Champions League ban for 2019/20

Manchester City were crowned Premier League champions on Sunday, yet their season could take a massive hit, as they are currently being investigated for violation in financial monitoring rules that are issued by UEFA.

The club has reportedly not been cooperating with UEFA's financial investigators, yet the club released a statement on Tuesday saying that it has provided "comprehensive proof" that it stood by the Financial Fair Play regulations.

However, UEFA are still pursuing a Champions League ban for the English champions for next season, yet the correspondent said that everything has to remain confidential for now.

The idea of their being supposed leaked information from documents has been completely rejected by the club, thus leading to them not cooperating with the financial investigators.

Manchester City stated that "the accusation of financial irregularities is entirely false, and comprehensive proof of this fact has been provided."

The club also added that is "extremely concerning" that such information about the investigation process has been released on newspapers, as it is implying that the independent panel that it has trusted with managing the situation, has broken the rules of confidentiality, or else that the "process is being misrepresented by individuals intent on damaging the club's reputation and its commercial interests."

UEFA refused to comment on any ongoing Financial Fair Play investigations, and the governing body's upcoming scheduled public statement will most probably be to announce whether the file on Manchester City has been transferred to the judges, or else if the case has been closed.

With the club looking to challenge for their first ever Champions League title, this will surely come as a major hit to their chances of doing so.


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