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Louis van Gaal: 'The main difference between Mourinho and Solskjaer is that Solskjaer is winning'

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has impressed ever since he took over Manchester United late in December, yet the former manager is still not impressed with the Norwegian's time at the club.

Van Gaal believes that Solskjaer's tactics are not that different from Mourinho's, with him saying that Solskjaer is just "another coach who parks the bus and plays on the counter".

The Dutch manager, who managed Manchester United between 2014 and 2016, was often heavily criticised for his slow, possession-based tactics, yet during his two seasons at the club, he managed to promote plenty of youthful players, winning the FA Cup in the process.

Van Gaal criticised both Mourinho and Solskjaer when it comes to promoting youth players, hitting back at a comment Mourinho made some time back, saying that van Gaal promoted youth players out of sheer necessity. However, the Dutch former manager said that he "created the necessity", by purposely limiting the squad size in order to give youth players a better chance. He also said that plenty "of trainers, like Mourinho, never give youngsters a chance. Yes, five minutes. Solskjaer, ten minutes. That is not a chance. A chance is a game."

He spoke out by saying that whilst he was criticised for not setting up his team in the "United Way", the two managers to come after him have failed to do so as well. The Dutchman said that "the way Manchester United are playing now is not the way Ferguson played", with him describing it as "defensive, counter-attacking" football.

However, Louis van Gaal also praised Solskjaer for the work he has done ever since he was appointed, praising the distinct changes he has made, particularly with the atmosphere that is seemingly better. He also praised Solskjaer for changing Paul Pogba's position, and how he has "put him into an area where is much more important."

Whilst van Gaal had his difficulties when he managed Manchester United, he raised several points that have characterised the club's failure over recent years, particularly when it comes to the promotion of youth players and play-style.


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