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Liverpool fan wants Jurgen Klopp sacked after Atalanta defeat

Liverpool fan wants Jurgen Klopp sacked after Atalanta defeat

Liverpool suffered a surprise 2-0 defeat against Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night, and as a result, plenty of criticism has been directed towards Jurgen Klopp.

This was the first home defeat inside 90 minutes under Jurgen Klopp since September 2018 that Liverpool have suffered.

Liverpool were without numerous key players, yet it was also a horrible performance, with this being the first time since Opta started recording shot data of the UEFA Champions League that Liverpool did not record a single shot on target during a Champions League game at Anfield.

One Liverpool expressed his frustrations on talkSPORT on Wednesday evening, claiming that Klopp is taking the Reds backwards.

talkSPORT's presenters were astonished by the comments made by Liverpool fan David, who said that "I think we have to consider, is Jurgen Klopp that great? Is he as good as Bob Paisley or Bill Shankly? No. Will he ever win as many trophies as them? No."

He claimed that Klopp "won't stay that long. He's moaning now about fixture pile-ups", adding "Why did he not get somebody in the summer knowing that if Virgil van Dijk gets injured, there's no cover for him?"

His rant continued with the mentioning of the 7-2 defeat to Aston Villa, saying that it was "not a one-off" and that it "is happening again".

"Liverpool only have a +5 goal difference. Spurs, in the league, have a +10 or +12 goal difference. How are Liverpool going to get that goal difference up if they’re conceding goals?"

"I don’t know what Jurgen Klopp is doing. Has he taken Liverpool as far as he can? Possibly. Will he win any more trophies for Liverpool? I’m not sure. But the way they played tonight, they won’t."

David was later on asked whether he wants Klopp to be sacked, and he replied by saying "I don’t think he’ll win any more trophies with us. I think we’re going backwards now because he’s making excuses."

"I want to see what happens over the next few matches. I’ve got a feeling this is going to happen again."

He concluded by saying "He's taken them backwards. If this continues, yes, [I want him to be sacked]."

These comments are extremely surprising considering that Klopp has managed to completely change the Reds over the last five years, changing them from a side that was on a downwards spiral, consistently playing in the UEFA Europa League, to being the champions of England and Europe, and is clearly not going to be sacked by Liverpool anytime soon.


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