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Jurgen Klopp claims Liverpool forward can 'get much better'

Jurgen Klopp claims Liverpool forward can 'get much better'

After Liverpool's 2-1 win against Sheffield United earlier this weekend, Jurgen Klopp heaped the praise on several players, but particularly on new signing Diogo Jota.

In just a few appearances for Liverpool, Jota has pleased plenty of Liverpool fans and Klopp as well, making his way into the starting eleven against Sheffield United, scoring the winning goal as he head in the ball after a cross from Sadio Mane.

He has made his mark very early on in Klopp's challenging press system, yet the German still believes that the 23-year-old can get better.

Speaking after the game, Klopp said "Yes, Diogo scored a super goal and was really involved in the game. He can be much better, 100 percent, and that's good news."

He added that "He is still adapting. In the moment, a lot of things we do are not natural to him, but that's only because Wolves play different - but a lot of things that he did for Wolves, are exactly what we want him to do."

"Yes, that he is that close already is just a sign how good a player he is. As I said, if he stays fit, he's 23 and the future is bright, let me say it like this. We will need this quality and I am really happy that he settled nicely so far."

He concluded by saying that Jota "is quick, he has the physicality, is strong, good in the air, good on the ground. Those are the qualities we need".

Klopp has shown an incredible amount of faith in the Portuguese forward, exemplified by the club's willingness to sign him from Wolves, splashing £45 million on him in the summer.


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