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Federico Chiesa's future at Juventus in doubt

Federico Chiesa's future at Juventus in doubt
Image Credits: Imago/UK Sports Pics Ltd

Federico Chiesa is a special player, bursting onto the scene last season with Juventus scoring many goals (most of them crucial) and also getting plenty of assists.

He really made a name for himself at EURO 2020, and some say he was the star player for Italy.

He is a great player for the club as he can play in various different positions in the attacking third. He can play as a striker, right winger, or left winger if needed.

This versatility is a great skill for the player and the club, as the club have had a many injuries over the year, therefore it’s great that he can fill in, in other positions.

The player is on his second loan spell at Juventus from Fiorentina. He joined on a new year-loan deal, the first season would cost €3 million and the second season would cost €7 million. After this season, Juventus have an obligation to buy the player for €40 million + €10 million in variables.

This summer Juventus decided to purchase the player now for €65 million, they love the player and believe in his potential.

What’s his current situation

This season hasn’t been going too great for Juventus. They currently sit in 7th place, having only won 7 of their first 15 matches.

Performances haven’t been great for Allegri’s and Chiesa could consider his future options next summer.

Currently, it’s 100% true that Chelsea FC are interested in the player. Thomas Tuchel adores the player and he’d love to have him at his disposal. He loves his versatility and his style of play, he sees him as the perfect winger in this day an age.

Overall, Chelsea are interested but it’s nothing more than that.

FC Bayern Munchen are also huge admirers of the player. This interest comes straight from Julian Nagelsmann, similarly to Tuchel, he loves the player and sees him as the perfect winger.

Bayern are closely watching his situation at Juventus as they’re experiencing such a tough time and Chiesa might be persuaded to leave the club.

Juventus however, have NO interest of selling Federico Chiesa.

Allegri has told the board that he needs Chiesa and the club have no intentions of selling the player, whether that is in January or in the summer.

Juve know that Bayern and Chelsea are closely watching the situation of the player however, they see him as a key player for the future as they bought him for €65 million.


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