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Fans call for bans to Tottenham and West Ham players after Tier 4 rules breaches

Fans call for bans to Tottenham and West Ham players after Tier 4 rules breaches
Image Credits: Getty Images

Three Tottenham Hotspur players and one West Ham United players have been targeted by the public for going against Tier 4 COVID-19 regulations in London, spending Christmas Day together, even posting a group picture where 18 people were shown.

Social media pictures have surfaced, showing Spurs' Sergio Reguilon and Erik Lamela, as well as West Ham's Manuel Lanzini, attending a party hosted by Spurs' Giovani Lo Celso going against government laws as London was placed in an emergency restriction category called Tier 4.

In the week before Christmas, authorities stated that all those living in Tier 4 areas must not mix with other households or gather around together, or else they will be breaking the law.

The players have been blasted by fans online, accused of acting as if they are 'above the law', appearing as if the 'rules don't apply to rich people'.

The photo is believed to have been published by one of the footballer's friends on Instagram, with the four players being seen with 11 other adults, two children, and even a baby.

Fans call for bans to Tottenham and West Ham players after Tier 4 rules breaches
Image Credits: The Sun

One particular Twitter user stated that the players are "endangering the rest of the league. 3 game ban please."

Another user claimed "These privileged players think they're above the law and immune to anything... they're endangering lives and also on a slightly lesser scale endangering the continuing of football being played... they should be banned for 3 games & their teams have points docked. Fines are useless."

Even Tottenham fans slated the actions of their players, stating that the players were "irresponsible" and that "If you're any other player with families, you would be livid with Lamela, Lo Celso and Reguilon."

Tottenham managed to win 3-0 against Leeds United on Saturday, however, Lamela and Lo Celso were not involved as they tested positive for COVID-19 just a few days ago, whilst Reguilon, normally a certain starter, was left on the bench.

Spurs manager Jose Mourinho voiced his extreme disappointment at the event, saying that "as a club of course we feel disappointed because we give the players all the education, we give the players all the conditions, and of course we are not happy. It was a negative surprise for us."

Since the incident, Spurs have released a statement voicing their disapproval of the party, saying that they "strongly condemn the image showing some of our players with family and friends together at Christmas particular as we know the sacrifices everybody around the country made to stay safe over the festive period".

West Ham also stated that they were "disappointed" with Lanzini's decision to attend, saying "The Club has set the highest possible standards" when it comes to COVID-19 measures, and that "The matter has been dealt with internally and Manuel has been strongly reminded of his responsibilities."

Since then, Lanzini has tested negative for COVID-19, and he featured in West Ham's 1-0 win against Everton on Friday, and he has apologised for his actions through a post on Twitter.


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