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Exclusive: Kolo Toure's son Yassine Toure on life at Leicester City

Exclusive: Kolo Toure's son Yassine Toure on life at Leicester City
Image: Yassine Toure (right)

I (JW) spoke to Leicester City youngster Yassine Toure, the son of Kolo Toure and the nephew of Yaya Toure, on life at Leicester and some of the players he has got the chance to play with. I asked him questions, and these are his responses.

JW: How is it at Leicester City, how are you finding it?

"Leicester City is a very good club, we’ve got the biggest training facilities in Europe and the coaches are brilliant."

"I would like to thank the owner and everyone at Leicester, for an amazing training ground, the biggest I’ve ever seen, with more to come in the future."

JW: So there’s lots of big names in the first team squad at Leicester, who’s the player you look up to and why?

"Jamie Vardy, he’s the one that I look up to in the first team. I love to watch him, the runs he makes really helps me on my own game."

JW: So obviously you’ve been surrounded with football all your life with both your dad and uncle being both top footballers, but what’s your first memory of football?

"My first memory was when I saw my dad (Kolo Toure) and my uncle (Yaya Toure) on TV when I used to watch them play, they’ve helped me a lot through football, but mostly my dad as he’s been with me my entire life."

JW: Since you’ve started playing football, what’s your most memorable moment?

"Training with the first team, honestly when you have quality players around you, you don’t have to do much."

JW: So you mentioned you’ve trained with the first team, who was the player who impressed you the most there and why?

"Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, he’s a very hard worker with and without the ball, while also being a very good young player."

JW: What’s your goals for next season?

"Playing all the games for the U18 team, scoring lots of goals for them and hopefully winning a trophy."

JW: What’s the first football match you watched live in a stadium?

"Manchester City vs Queens Park Rangers, when I was around five watching my uncle. When Aguero scored it was the best feeling in the world, especially as I’m a Manchester City fan."

I thank Yassine for taking the time to speaking to me, he's a really modest person. I wish him all the best for the future.


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