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Emerson leaves the door open for Serie A move

Emerson leaves the door open for Serie A move

Emerson Palmieri has hinted towards a possible move back to Serie A, with Juventus, Inter and Napoli all interested in signing the Italian.

Emerson insisted that he was "very happy" in the Serie A, and that a move to there "could happen", but right now he has a contract with Chelsea and is in "no rush to go anywhere".

The Italian was full of praise towards his former managers Antonio Conte and Maurizio Sarri, who are now both back in Serie A with Inter and Juventus respectively.

Emerson claimed that he "learned a lot from Conte, he proved himself to be a fantastic coach, but I think for the time we worked together and the results we achieved, I got even more from Sarri."

Despite all of the praise and speculation, Emerson has praised his current boss, Frank Lampard, claiming that he is very "intelligent" ,"young" and "knows how to communicate with the players".

Emerson joined Chelsea from Roma back in January 2018, and since then he has had a mixed experience at the club, with numerous managerial changes, and being subject to constant rotation with the likes of Marcos Alonso and Cesar Azpilicueta.


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