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Eddie Howe wears microphone in fascinating Bournemouth pre-season training session

Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe gave the footballing world something to cherish and think about by providing a fascinating insight into the game during one of Bournemouth's training session, simply by wearing a microphone.

Bournemouth are currently preparing for their Premier League season in La Manga, Spain, and Eddie Howe decided that in one particular session, he would get a microphone on.

Watch this truly remarkable insight in the game from one of English football's top managers. For a manager that is just 41-years-old, he truly is one of the calmest, most influential, as well as the best managers that English football has to offer.

His enthusiasm and intensity is evident throughout the whole clip, and it was acknowledged by plenty of fans on Twitter, many remarking his "calm messages" and "encouragement".

Eddie Howe has been the manager of Bournemouth since 2008, whilst also having a brief spell as manager of Burnley between 2011 and 2012, but since 2009 he has led Bournemouth to promotions from League 2 all the way up to the Premier League, where he has helped cement the club as a solid mid-table team with the aims of getting into Europe, as one of the teams touted as "The best of the rest".


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