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Ed Woodward has plans for more "exciting" signings for Manchester United

Prior to the announcement of the transfer of Aaron Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace to Manchester United, the club's CEO, Ed Woodward, sent an email to the club's staff to inform them that there will be plenty of activity in the transfer market to fit the "long-term vision" of the club.

The email read: "Despite the inflated nature of the transfer market and constant speculation and stories, which can be misleading, the recruitment team - in conjunction with the manager [Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] - are working calmly behind the scenes to bring in other exciting players that fit their long-term vision for the club."

Solskjaer made it publicly known throughout last season that he will be targeting a younger core of the club, with plenty of young and hungry player keen on being developed, and this is clear in their transfer plans this season, with the signings of 21-year-olds Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James already.

With what was a hugely underwhelming season, Woodward has planned to approach the club from a different point of view, complying with Solskjaer to purchase players that are young and more hard-working, rather than big-name stars that will sell plenty of shirts.

With the club's top targets according to reports being Bruno Fernandes and Sean Longstaff, then Woodward and Solskjaer's priorities clearly lie in young talent.


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