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Conte will not change his Inter side to fit Christian Eriksen, with him having 'many opportunities'

Conte will not change his Inter side to fit Christian Eriksen, with him having  'many opportunities'

Inter manager Antonio Conte has hit out at claims saying that Christian Eriksen's problems are down to lack of minutes on the pitch or due to problems with the local language.

Conte insisted that Eriksen has already had 'many opportunities' to prove his worth in his Inter side and to cement a place in the team, and that he will not consider a change in formation or play style to fit the Danish midfielder.

Eriksen, who joined halfway through last season from Tottenham Hotspur, has remained a very peripheral figure in Conte's team at the start of the 2020/21 season.

Prior to the November international break, Eriksen played just three of Inter's five Serie A games, and in each occasion, he was substituted on by Conte.

Many questioned whether Conte should use the 28-year-old in a deeper role to fit him into the side more, yet Conte dismissed this, saying that such a change would 'totally distort' Eriksen.

He also spoke of the rumours of his problems in learning Italian, with Conte saying "I don't know about the language. As I said before, I always make choices for the good of Inter and therefore I try to do everything in the right way."

"Eriksen has had many opportunities since the beginning of the year and has played more than many team-mates."

He also added "When I deem it appropriate, he will play in the opening 11 or in a game in progress, otherwise I will make other decisions."

He concluded by saying "As for the role, in my opinion he cannot play in front of the defence. He has an important shot, right and left, so putting him in front of the defence would totally distort him. This is my technical evaluation."

So far this season, Inter have struggled in the league, picking up just 12 points from their opening seven Serie A games.

Eriksen has been reportedly on the way out of the club for failing to fit in with Conte's play style, with talks of a potential return to Spurs, or else a controversial move to Arsenal or Manchester United.


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