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Bundesliga set to return on May 15

Bundesliga set to return on May 15

There have been countless rumours of a possible return to top-level European football this month, and the leagues that has looked the likeliest to resume is the Bundesliga.

Although there has still not been any confirmation, the Bundesliga could return in ten days' time, as long as it is approved of by the German government, and rumours are saying that the government is going to give the league the go-ahead to resume.

Along with the Bundesliga, the 2.Bundesliga would also be given the go-ahead to resume.

Whilst the football that would be played would be extremely different from the usual games, seeing as they will have strict safety measures imposed on them, including having games behind closed doors and players being tested beforehand.

Germany has been one of the best countries in Europe when it came to coping with the coronavirus pandemic, and it looks like they will be the ones to guide football back to normality.

Following the Bundesliga, the Serie A could be the one to resume next, after players that were staying abroad were allowed to return to Italy, after which they will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

If the Bundesliga resumes, who will you be rooting for?


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