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Breaking: Bayern Munich announce an unscheduled press conference with Manuel Neuer

Bayern Munich have invited the press to a press conference with Manuel Neuer for Wednesday at 1pm (GMT+2), yet nobody really knows what it is all about.

This invitation was sudden, with the Bayern Munich captain having suffered a strained calf muscle injury during the Bavarians match against Fortuna Dusseldorf on Sunday, yet the captain has reportedly been planning this for a long time, and he did not want to postpone it, even though he got injured.

This seems very unusual, especially with injured players very rarely giving press conferences at the club, especially when it is not a scheduled pregame press conference with the media. With Bayern Munich not playing again until Saturday, this makes it clear that the announcement will not be related to the upcoming match against Werder Bremen in any way.

Such an act by Neuer would seem unusual, even if he was not injured.

Recently, Bayern Munich have tended to organised plenty of unscheduled press conferences lately, especially with the ongoing debates and conflicts arising within the team and the bosses of the Bundesliga.

However, there is certainly plenty of speculation on what Neuer will be announcing, and with him reportedly having already planned this press conference for a long time, speculation about what is going to be said has increased even more.


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